I am proud of our 1.500+ enthusiastic flex workers!

Rick Huijsman, Planner CYS Fieldresearch

Mystery shopper

CYS Fieldresearch employs a large group of flex workers. These flex workers support us by performing mystery visits or taking surveys. You can be one of these flex workers.

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What does cooperating with us entail?

CYS Fieldresearch employs a large group of flex workers. These flex workers support us by performing mystery visits or taking surveys. You can be one of these flex workers. When you’re registered with us as a flex worker, you are not obligated to do anything. In our online system, you can get a clear view of all our current projects and the details that are required to be met to participate in one of them. You can decide whether you’re interested per assignment and whether you’d like to sign up for it.

The qualities of a CYS Fieldresearch flex worker:

  • You are trustworthy
  • You are fluent in the Dutch language
  • You are able to play a part
  • You are able to voice an honest and constructive opinion
  • You possess a computer and a working internet connection
  • You are 18 years of age or over
  • You are communicative both in word and on paper
  • You are representative in appearance and behavior

As a mystery shopper you will be awarded with a compensation per assignment or, in the case of other activities, per hour. This all depends on the complexity and length of the assignment that has been assigned to you. We will compensate you directly for each assignment. If you perform activities for us that award you a compensation per hour, your compensation will be processed and awarded to you by a payroll company. The payroll company will present you with a contract and a salary slip.

What could you help us with?

Mystery shopper

A CYS Fieldresearch Mystery Shopper has a very diverse job. As a mystery shopper, CYS Fieldresearch may ask you to purchase certain items in stores, have your eyes or hearing checked, visit a casino, rent a car, make a phone call to a municipality, or order a pizza. When visiting a store, a visit can entail a short sales talk or go as far as checking the entire interior and cleanliness of the shop. An assignment may need you to try on some clothes, buy them and bring them back later. As a mystery shopper you help organizations improve themselves. After having completed an assignment, you will fill out a form online, in our central database. CYS Fieldresearch analyzes this data and reports your findings to her client. Based on your experience and report, the client will be able to adjust and improve upon the quality of the service she offers!


As a CYS Fieldresearch surveyor you cooperate in performing opinion research. On the streets, in a store or in a company you will ask for the opinion of different people, using a tablet. You may be put to work in our Call Center, where you will survey people by phone. When doing research it is of the utmost importance you are very precise and enjoy making contact with many different people! Not only are you the face of CYS Fieldresearch, but for the companies CYS Fieldresearch works for as well. It is very important for a surveyor to be very exact. The surveys as collected by you will be collected in a large database, belonging to our client. CYS Fieldresearch analyses this data and reports the results to the client. Based on this data, the client may be able to change and improve her service and products.

Stories of our flex workers


To be honest, I like it best when the employees don’t perform that well. When they ignore you as a customer and chat with each other for instance. The experience is far from pleasant, of course, but I do get the feeling that I can make a difference in a situation like that. In a constructive way, of course, I don’t put the emphasis on what went wrong, but especially what can be done better. During my experience of years I have gained a growing understanding and appreciation for service personnel.


I think it’s great there’s such a large variety in assignments. This way no visit is the same. The assignments I like best are the ones where I can give a feedback of my experiences as a mystery shopper. I lend my assistance in motivational projects, where I only pay attention to whether I am greeted within a certain number of minutes, for example. If (s)he succeeds at this, the employee receives a congratulatory card. The first thing the personnel does is check whether everything else is in order, too. I like seeing that happen.


The thing I notice time and again when doing an assignment for CYS Fieldresearch: the key issue in every case is the way you address someone else. When doing a survey, for example, of course not everyone is interested in filling out a questionnaire. But if you address people in a friendly manner, most of the time they will give you five minutes of their time.  When mystery shopping I especially like the visits where I make myself known afterwards, or present an employee with feedback. Especially since I can see the reactions of the employees first hand.

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